Digital Introduction Speech

Digital Introduction Speech

Steps toward a good Digital Introduction Speech: Identify at least three to four main points about yourself that you want to highlight in your speech so the audience can get a glimpse of who you are.

The “Introduction” Speech


The goals of this assignment are:

  1. Introduce yourself. 
  2. Explain your goals and aspirations.
  3. Inform your audience about something unique about you that stands apart from the crowd.
  4. Utilize basic digital speech skills in an effective manner.
  5. Utilize basic organizational speech format in a digital setting.
  6. Utilize presentational/delivery skills.
  7. Foster familiarity and contribute to the development of a positive class culture.


You will submit one item in this assignment:

  • The URL link to your video recording on a video streaming or file sharing platform.


The speech recording should be 2-3 minutes long introducing yourself to the audience. You will deliver the speech extemporaneously – this means you should not read from an essay. Instead, you should only use note cards and know your topic inside out (you are the topic, so this should be fairly easy). It is highly recommended you avoid reading anything other than a direct quote. 

The speech must include visual and/or aids. You must also show your face in the video as you are actively speaking, not limited to still images, and there are no exceptions.

You must submit a video link/URL of your speech. This video should be posted on a video streaming platform or file sharing platform. Some video sharing platforms include Youtube, Twitch, and Vimeo. Examples of file-sharing platforms include Google Drive, Dropbox, and Other platforms than those listed here are fine, as long as files can be accessed regardless of membership, login, and across multiple platforms and operating systems. 

The speech will be marked down for anyone going under-time or over-time. Time matters in speech communication. Practice and be sure to organize your speech effectively so it meets the time criteria.

Make sure to include an oral citation and include a reference for at least one credible source that reinforces your goals or an aspect of yourself that you convey in this speech. For example, a nursing student might reference the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook for information on nursing jobs. Your oral citation should include the author’s name, the title, and the year of publication followed by the information from the article that you found relevant to your speech. 

Steps toward a good Digital Introduction Speech:

  1. Identify at least three to four main points about yourself that you want to highlight in your speech so the audience can get a glimpse of who you are.
  2. In the first part of your speech, get the audience’s attention. Don’t forget to continue to incorporate attention getters to maintain the audience’s attention throughout the speech.
  3. Choose useful presentation aids, both video and audio, that will enhance the quality of the speech for the audience. This can include props, digital media, and attire. These aids should help the audience visualize aspects of your identity and/or goals.
  4. Choose your lighting carefully. You want your face and all props lit effectively. You need to effectively highlight yourself in order to help the audience get to know you.
  5. Watch your camera placement. You don’t want to be looking down at the camera. Make sure the audience will be able to see several inches above your head and below your chest. Also, make sure you are centered unless you are using a prop or digital aid to one side of the screen.
  6. To help you in the process you may want to place a post-it note adjacent to the camera to remind you where to look. This is a technique often used in a professional production. 
  7. Choose a format for video presentations. Will you use a split-screen or change back and forth between your face and your presentation aids?
  8. Dress appropriately. Remember, you are part of your presentation aids for this speech and dressing professionally or otherwise appropriate for the version of yourself you are presenting. (Yes, this means if you are introducing yourself as a cosplay event attendee, you should dress in a costume). Don’t forget to make sure all distractions are out of the camera view. 
  9. Check the volume on your recording and be sure to balance any audio aids with your speaking volume.
  10. Perform a dry run before you record the speech to make sure you address technical issues and effectively manage your presentation aids. Be prepared to attempt to record the video several times before you are satisfied with the end result.
  11. Remember to speak to the audience through the camera. Remember someone will be watching your speech so talk to them.
  12. Use the presentation aids and notes effectively, and don’t let them take the focus off of you and your message. Don’t let things block your face as you speak. It’s very important we see the person you are describing or it is not an effective self-introduction.
  13. Be sure to use eye contact and address the audience directly through the camera. Don’t forget to smile. This helps you manage the impression you are making to your audience. Be natural. 

Don’t Forget

  • For all speeches, be sure to submit all the required components in their appropriate assignment submission box.
    • At least 1 credible source is required. You may site yourself or a friend or family member as a source.
    • Use the “website URL” tool to upload your speech video. 
  • If your video lacks sound or visuals (no blank screens) you will receive a score of zero. Make sure a recording with working audio and visual components is submitted correctly.
  • Make sure the timing of your video meets the guidelines.
  • Make sure you modify your settings so that anyone with a link can access the video. 

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