Digital Citizenship Policy Evaluation

Digital Citizenship Policy Evaluation

In the 21st-century classroom, ensuring student safety and teaching digital citizenship are necessary skills teachers need to develop. A digital citizenship policy is the first step to creating a classroom environment that is respectful and safe for all students. In this assignment, you will asses a digital citizenship policy for your classroom in a 4–5-page evaluation of that policy. This policy can be informed by a policy provided by your school district:

Assignment Instructions

Digital Citizenship Policy

Here is the policy needing evaluation:


Evaluate your policy by completing the following:

  • Explain how the policy incorporates the principles of digital citizenship.
    • Refer to the nine elements of digital citizenship as you craft your explanation.
  • Evaluate how the policy reflects guidelines for online safety.
  • Explain how the policy supports students in establishing and maintaining a positive digital footprint.
    • The policy will not alone make students leave a positive digital footprint, but it should begin the process and should provide guidelines to encourage positive behavior.
    • A positive digital footprint is something that must be modeled, practiced, and developed over time. Develop a plan of action for promoting a positive online learning community that will continue throughout the school year. Apply the principles of digital citizenship and online safety to create this plan. This plan should describe how you will incorporate the ideas presented in the policy into your actual classroom teaching.

1200 WORDS