Describe your post-MBA goals, both short and long-term

Describe your post-MBA goals, both short and long-term

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Following the successful completion of my MBA from SMU, I would be in line to become CFO of my current company, Noble Royalties. An Energy minerals and royalty acquisition and management company with $1.5B under management and previous and current private equity backing from Blackstone New York and Apollo Global Management, which receives and distributes ~$10mm in revenue to its 6,700 investors each month. 

Currently, as Senior Vice President of Finance at Noble Royalties, I have the opportunity to work with our SVP of Corporate Development who is a SMU PMBA graduate. Inspired by his achievements, which follow closely to my career goals, and hearing from him about his experience at SMU have led me to SMU as my next career step.

My discussions with him as well as a former SMU MBA alum who currently teaches a course in the program, have brought me to realize that, in order to take the next step in my career in finance, I need to grow in three areas: strategic company management, global perspective and networking. After speaking with other alumni and current students in the SMU programs, I am  confident a MBA from SMU will help me to succeed in meeting these three areas.

Looking at how my long term goals align with my short term goals and my SMU MBA, I would like to lead Noble Royalties as CFO / President to become the largest private/public mineral management company, growing our $1.5b AUM to +$5B over the next 5-7 years.

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