Danny and ADHD

Danny and ADHD

ADHD is a diagnosis that often is looked at as a childhood struggle when in fact, this diagnosis also affects adults. ADHD causes inability to focus on tasks at hand,

 frequently presenting as disorganized, often forgetful and misplaces things on a 

consistent basis. Symptoms also include hyperactivity and impulsive behaviors.

You will need to research enough information to become an expert on the disorder

 you choose. You should be able to explain topics related to the clinical assessment

diagnosis and treatment of the disorder.

For this apply assignment, you will be asked to read the case study about Danny on 

pages 483-484 in the textbook Essentials of Abnormal Psychology 8th Edition. You will then identify ADHD symptoms that you see within the case study and create a 

treatment plan for Danny. This plan should focus goals and tools to assist Danny 

within his home and school setting to increase his ability to succeed. Please feel free to complete additional research to assist you with understanding treatments for 

ADHD and helpful goals.

This assignment is to be in APA format with a minimum of 2 pages in length.

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