Why is the age of 6 years mentioned?

CW4- answer questions below ONLY USING CW4 READING DOC ATTACHED

  1. Why is the age of 6 years mentioned? Why do children learn
    “quickly” a second language?
  2. According to Krashen, which is the difference between
    acquisition and learning? What does Anna Sfard comment
    about it?
  3. What is comprehensible input? What does i + 1 mean?
  4. Why is the theory of comprehensible input important? What do
    i + 10 and i + 50 mean?
  5. How can we make input comprehensible to students? What
    strategies could we use?
  6. What is the comprehensible output?
  7. What does “Meditation” refer to?
  8. What factors (conditions) can affect or impact SLA?
  9. How long and how many times a week should a second language
    be taught according to ACTFL?
  10. What is patterning?
  11. Why is it important to consider emotions in learning a second
    language? What does Krashen refer to with the affective filter?
  12. Why does the social dimension help the acquisition of a second
  13. Why do students’ learning styles have to be taken into
    account? Would it be possible to include all multiple
    intelligences in a class session?

CW5-After you view the video, think about it in terms of what you learned and use the following questions to guide your thinking: ONLY USE THE FOLLOWING VIDEO NOT THE INTERNET

1- How does Mr. Scott guide the students from use of the L1 to use of the L2?
2- How does he help students recognise words in French?
3- How is the input i+ 1 illustrated by means of the teaching and learning that take place in this video?

Answer preview Why is the age of 6 years mentioned?


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