Why one might ask, is cyberbullying such an important issue?


In this discussion board, you will begin writing your argument essay due at the end of Unit 7 by submitting the introduction to your essay. The introduction is the opening of your essay. You want to hook the reader from the first paragraph of your essay. In order to do that, you will need to pay attention to the first sentence you use in your essay. You want to engage the readers with that sentence. Your next sentences will briefly explain your essay topics. Finally, end the introduction with a thesis statement that reveals your argument as well as your topics.

Here is a sample introduction on cyberbullying in high school to give you an idea of how an introduction should be organized:

Cyberbullying through online platforms, such as Twitter, has become a growing problem that needs to be strongly addressed in public high schools around the country. Why one might ask, is cyberbullying such an important issue? Cyberbullying is the act of bullying someone online. Often, that bullying may include sending messages that harass and intimidate another person through a medium that can mask the person’s identity. This type of behavior is not acceptable anywhere, but particularly within the school system because it promotes a negative educational culture and also can be harmful to the person being bullied. High schools need to implement specific programs surrounding the topic of cyberbullying that provide education on the subject, intervention for those being bullied or doing the bullying, and severe consequences for acts of cyberbullying.
Review these instructions for the upcoming argument essay.

Initial Response:

For your initial response, please submit a draft of your introduction to the Unit 7 Argument Essay
introduction to the Unit 7 Argument Essay – Alternative Formats

Peer Responses:

In your response to classmates, peer-review at least two of your classmates’ introductions based on the following questions:
How well did the first sentence hook you as a reader? In what ways did it make you want to keep reading?
How clear were the thesis statement and the topics? What areas in the introduction were not clear?
What was your final impression after reading the introduction?

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Why one might ask is cyberbullying such an important issue


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