cultural background

cultural background

  • Write a 7 to 9-page paper, double-spaced, documenting your family’s cultural history. First, identify your family’s cultural history (e.g., African American New Yorkers who have roots in the South; multiracial family with Haitian immigrant mother and Irish American father; immigrant family from Colombia; Chinese American family with grandparent immigrants). Second, describe your ethnic/cultural values and heritage; you can discuss history of migration, family traditions, customs, dance, dress, music, holidays, etc. With these, you can describe the messages you received about rules of belonging to your social-cultural groups; how your ethnic/cultural heritage has impacted your thinking, behaviors and values; and whether you hold onto these values today. Further, you can discuss the influence of your family culture on your intersectional identities, like gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, etc. Also, feel free to integrate other key terms that you’ve learned throughout the

semester like worldview, power/privilege, microaggressions, imposter phenomenon, etc. Cite and define any concepts that you use and integrate into your paper.

Some students find it helpful to interview family members to document family history. Papers should be clearly organized with the following headings: (a) Family History and Heritage, (b) Rules of Belonging, and (c) Identity Development and Impact. Papers are to be 12-point font size, Times New Roman, and have a one-inch margin around the sides

i am African American you can write about you experiences since we share the same ethnicity

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