Read the scenario below and then respond to the questions that follow. You leave your computer to go to lunch. As you step away from the computer, your coworker Jeremy, gets on the same computer. Upon returning from lunch, you notice that you did not properly log off the system, and someone accessed a patient’s chart through your log-in ID. This particular patient’s chart was not your patient and you have no reason to access this chart. You notice the patient is a young female, age 24 years. Later that day, in the break room, you overhear a conversation between two staff members who observed Jeremy being “very friendly with a young female patient this morning,” and commenting that Jeremy has been carrying on personal conversations with female patients, even when they are not assigned to him. You begin to suspect Jeremy may have accessed this patient’s chart for personal reasons. 1. Identify specific HIPAA provisions that may have been violated. Describe how/why the violations occurred. 2. If there is a HIPAA violation, are you liable? Is Jeremy? Why or why not? 3. What should you do now? 4. Does this violate the ethical guidelines for your profession or your future profession if you are not currently working in healthcare? Why or why not? If it does, please include the specific ethical guidelines that were violated. At the bottom of the page, please provide references in APA format. Within the text of your answers, please use in-text citations for paraphrased and quoted material. 

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