What points did the discussion raise that connected most with you?

Discussion Reflection:

Read through your classmates’ posts and conversations, and add more to them if you feel motivated. Reflect on the range of topics covered in the discussion by writing a short paragraph about the new thoughts or different perspectives you developed as a result. What points did the discussion raise that connected most with you? Were there issues you had never considered before?

Topics and content covered in weeks five and six (choose at least one topic):

Coastal Lecture
Hurricanes Lecture
Coastal Area Use and Planning

Your reflection should be 1 short paragraph in length, and your score will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Timely submission of assignment
Response consistent with prompt
English usage (spelling/grammar/logical flow)

Discussion #1 (Classmates) respond

1. The U.S. East Coast is growing increasingly vulnerable to climate change leading to intense storms.

2. The coast is dynamic. It is constantly changing and adjusting to extreme weather as opposed to stability. Stability is needed for sustainable living along the coast.

3. The first article warns against moving to the coasts, stating how vulnerable they are and how their dynamic, adjustable nature cannot last. The second article is arguing that the coastlines are protected. In specific, the second article boasts of Cape Lookout’s “unspoiled barrier Islands,” which is exactly the opposite point of the first article.

Discussion #2

1. The main concern that was covered in the article is the issue regarding seashores along the Gulf and the eastern coast. These areas cannot continue to be rebuilt and fixed after every storm that hits the area. This is causing rising concern for the well-being of the national park. The areas in danger due to the rising sea levels on top of the storms. This on top of the issue that there isn’t enough time to fix the areas between storms is leaving questions on what to due in regards to fixing the areas.

2. Personally, in my opinion, I do not think it is very sustainable to live on the coast. This is because living on the coast puts the homes at such risk of allows being damaged or destroyed from storms or sea levels. These coastal areas will always need to be repaired or altered to keep the homes sustainable. This makes it very difficult to live on the coast which makes it not very sustainable.

3. The two articles have conflicting viewpoints because the first article talks about the dangers of living on the coast and how it is very unsustainable due to the potential danger from storms and sea levels. The second article takes an opposite turn and covers how living on the coast can be seen as a positive and doesn’t cover any negatives to living on the coast.

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What points did the discussion raise that connected most with you


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