Chicanas/os in Contemporary Society

Chicanas/os in Contemporary Society


Write minimum of 2 page about a family member perhaps a grandparent. Someone that gives

you a sense of history. Connect their story to 2 reading from course sources?

1. When & Where were they born?

2. What do they remember as a child? What did their parents do for a living

3. What language did they speak? 4. What school did they go to? What was their favorite subject? When & why did they stop going

to school?

5. What did they do after school? Work?

6. How did they meet their spouse? How many children did they have?

7. What were/are their hopes and dreams?


For prompt 1, write a minimum of 1 paragraph. Using 2 sources from the class & APA citations, example (Hernandez, 2019). Prompt 2, write a Yo Soy Poem… Minimum 2 page , double spaced.

Prompt 1: After reflecting on what it means to be Chicana/o what does it mean to you (use 2

sources with citations) and how would you apply it to your current job or future career?

Prompt 2: Write a Yo Soy Poem – minimum 1 page (Use the Yo Soy Joaquin as an example) Include the following:

o Family historical reference

Cultural reference

O A few major events in your life that have shaped you Include your values and/or your strengths 

O Personal characteristics


For this section, think about your educational & career goals and begin to map out how you will move forward toward graduation and perhaps transferring. How many classes do you need? When will you take them? What will be your major/minor? What career are you considering and if you are not sure pick something and go with it.

1. Write a minimum of 1 paragraph about our future career and how you will get there and when. What do you need to get there? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Who will you be working with? Will you need an internship?

2. Write out the classes you will need to graduate with an AA if that is your goal 

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APA Format, 1530 words