Music Each student will successfully complete a brief, 5-PARAGRAPH research paper on a Western classicalcomposer. The student should follow the following outline:PARAGRAPH 1: INTRODUCTIONIn this paragraph, you should introduce the composer to their audience by giving basic background information(DOB, where they are from, and their overall reputation as a composer). This paragraph should end with … Read More

Listening essay

Listening essay After listening to the video above, in its entirety, write a 20-22 line essay (double-spaced 12 point font only), in Microsoft Word, about your impressions of the work. You may briefly discuss the historical context of the piece, but the essay should consist primarily of your own impressions about it. Feel free to … Read More

script editing and proofreading

Art Embellish descriptions and revise my grammar.  Make the dialogue more colloquial.  Help me with environmental descriptions at the beginning of each scene. Answer preview

Tupac Poetry Review

Tupac Poetry Review Read, Listen, Study, and Reflect on these poems and reflections: Demonstration that the articles have been read and understood; Analytical and Critical Thinking (use little space for summary and more space for critical reflection); Well written reflection (no typos, no grammar mistakes, no stylistic issues, and if possible elegant writing). 600 words … Read More

Why do microphones have different pickup patterns?

Creative Studio Techniques: Recording&Post-production Describe the technical differences between dynamic, ribbon, and condenser microphones. Provide an example of when you might use each one. Name one of each microphone (i.e. the manufacturer and model number) Why do microphones have different pickup patterns? What is the proximity effect? Friend or enemy? Describe two ways of creating … Read More

Who were the Fania All-Stars and why are they important?

EXTRA CREDIT Concert Assignment 2 Questions Brittanica and Oxford Music Online are excellent online resources. 1. Who were the Fania All-Stars and why are they important? (4 points) 2. Who was Celia Cruz and why is she important? (4 points) 3. Who was Cheo Feliciano and why is he important? (4 points) 4. Who was … Read More

Describe the physical setting of the performance.

Reflection Report Rubric “Les Misérables” in Concert Paragraph 1 Introduction: State the title of the musical composition, the composer, Who is performing, and where the performance is taking place? Paragraph 2 Describe the physical setting of the performance. Discuss the setup of the orchestra and singers, the conductor, the performing venue, and any other significant … Read More