CASE STUDY#2 Heavenly Wines

CASE STUDY#2 Heavenly Wines

What is Heavenly Vine’s product development strategy?

Jamie Paquin is the owner of a Tokyo-based wine importer and retailer, Heavenly Vine, a distinctive Canadian Wines. He markets the wines in a store as the world’s only all-Canadian wine store. The challenge that he seeks to overcome in this multimedia case is how he can build positive awareness of Canadian wines among Japanese wine consumers.
Case Analysis Requirements:
Company Positioning: Elaborate on Heaven Wine’s challenges and opportunities in the Japanese market.
 Product Development: What is Heavenly Vine’s product development strategy? Please explain it in terms of Adaptation versus Standardization.
Recommended Course of Action: What do you think Heavenly Vine should do more or better?
Implementation and Timing: If you were a consultant or adviser to Jamie Paquin, what would you advise or suggest to him?.
Recommendation and reminder:
Please try to concentrate your analysis on product development aspects (vine) in the context of the Japanese market.
I will highly suggest you make a simple SWOT and PESTEL analysis.
Porter 5 Forces is an essential tool for analyzing international market entries.

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