Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Political Science

 What role can and should carbon capture and sequestration play in enabling the U.S to achieve its 100% carbon-free electricity goal for 2035.

Describe  the  situation;  include  any  relevant  technical  details  in  a
clear  way,  and  define  any  necessary  terminology  (i.e.  avoid  jargon).  Summarize
the political situation as well, identifying stakeholders and interests. In providing
the background, please do not present technical details or the political situation
in  a  manner  that  would  bias  the  reader  early  on  (directly  or  indirectly)  towards
your preferred option in the policy discussion. Your task is to present relevant facts
as objectively as possible.  Present  and  evaluate  several  (2-3)  options.  Recommend  a
course of action if it makes sense in the context.

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