Business and Management

Business and Management

The role of ‘circular economy‘ is becoming more and more noticed in many parts of the business world. Companies are focusing more and more on the ‘circular economy’ for various reasons. 

This interest may include a multitude of reasons, including cost recovery, product salvage, new product development, better opportunities or simply focused on improving the environment.

Research this term, and find examples of companies that are working in that space, and show how these attempts are helping businesses, consumers, and other stakeholders, within the sustainability space.

Review at least 2 companies, and share their strategic steps including formulation, implementation and progress of their practices within this growing industry?

Additionally, find out if the term ‘cirucular economy’ stands up to scrutiny? Is is all hype, or are there genuine companies who are doing great things in this field?  

Use original writing, APA formatting, and in-text citations wherever you have picked up the information from.

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APA Format, 685 words