Burglary Problems

Burglary Problems

Answer the following questions and upload your responses to Canvas by the due date. Your responses should be typed using complete sentences. Although this first assignment is asking primarily for your opinions, you should include a detailed rationale for your opinions. Your responses should be well written (free from grammatical) mistakes and organized in a way that tells me you put some thought into each question.

Grading for the written discussion assignment is as follows:

5 pts.   =          Responses are thoughtful with excellent attention to detail, insight, and writing.

4 pts         =     Responses are reasonably clear, insightful, and thoughtful with few grammatical errors.  

3 pts.        =     Addresses questions but there are some problems with clarity, insight, or nature of responses. Many grammatical errors. Does not address each question.

1-2 pts.     =     assignment lacks detailed thought, is incomplete, or was not turned in. Poorly written.

Your city council has come to the chief requesting an answer to the burglary problem. Many homes are being broken into while the residents are at work during the day. The method of entry most commonly used is coming in through an unlocked door. Items targeted include cash, jewelry, iPods, and laptops. What methods should the chief employ in order to combat this problem?

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