Definition of ethos to help your reader

Ethos is found in Stephen Jay Gould in the article Sex, Drugs, Disasters, and the Extinction of Dinosaurs.

Directions: Create one body paragraph for your essay. Do the following to complete that paragraph. Be sure that you follow the directions but order the information required logically.

1. In this posting, begin the paragraph with a topic sentence, identifying which type of writing technique you are going to write about: ethos.

2. Next, define ethos.

I require that you use quotations in this section of the paragraph to help define the term.
You may use information or a quotation from the podcast or from the readings in the lesson to help you to define this concept. Do not use a dictionary definition to accomplish this task. Dictionaries are not good sources for analysis or argument.
Add any sources you use to your Works Cited page.
Integrate, use quotation marks, and cite all quotations you use. (You may paraphrase; however, if you copy word for word, use quotation marks around copied material.
Be sure the definition is developed and clear.

3. In the same paragraph, immediately following your definition, you need the following:

Three examples, a short passage or full sentence quotation, that illustrate the definition of the word that you have chosen: these examples must come from the reading: “Sex, Drugs, Disasters
For this paragraph on ethos, you might find examples from Internet sources, such as information about the author’s accomplishments that give him/her credibility. You might use such things as awards, reputation, education. Cite all sources used.
Include an analysis of each quotation or example to illustrate how it fits/illustrates ethos. You may point to words or phrases in the example you chose that the reader should notice or the importance of an award or reputation. Explain fully. Remember, your readers may not see the same thing in a quotation or example that you do, so do not take for granted that they do. The goal here is to explain to your reader that the writing technique, ethos, mentioned in the topic sentence actually exists in the essay you are analyzing or can be supported by information from the biography.
Use the information you learned about explaining quotations in the diagnostic evaluation assignment when you explain your quotation. Then close your paragraph logically. Please, for this paragraph, do not use block quotations (a block quotation is a quotation of more than 3 lines that is indented 10 spaces).

5. Order the sentences logically. Here is a sample outline of the information in the body paragraph:

Topic sentence naming a rhetorical technique (ethos) that the writer demonstrates in writing or life experiences

Definition of ethos to help your reader
Evidence that the author really uses or has/possesses ethos
Primary statement 1, TAG, quotation, analysis (Primary statement example: In his essay, King uses ethos when he defines non-violent resistance.)
Primary statement 2, TAG, quotation, analysis (Ethos can also be seen because Tuchman won two Pulitzer Prizes for her writing.)

Primary statement 3, TAG, quotation, analysis (Finally, Gould demonstrates ethos through his knowledge of literature.)

Closing statement for a paragraph which briefly concludes the paragraph, indicating that ethos exists

6. Edit carefully before posting. Make sure you use proper grammar, punctuation, and diction. (Use the information you learned about avoiding informal language.)

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Definition of ethos to help your reader


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