Writing guidelines for papers in this course -Paper assignments must be 3-4 pages in length, typed and double spaced. They must follow the format shown in the sample pages on the course website link. -Papers should have one inch margins on top, bottom, and sides (see sample page on course website). -Your font should be standard default (Times New Roman, Courier, Colibri, etc.) and should be unbolted. Point size should be 11-12 (see sample page on course website). -You do not need paper titles or cover pages. Type your name in the top right corner of your paper and begin your writing after hitting the enter key once! -Do not separate paragraphs in your paper with more that double spacing (see sample page on course website). -Do not type the current date on your papers or include course information (AMH2020, POS 2041, etc.). -Papers must be submitted to by class time on the due date. This is not optional. Get a digital receipt for your submission so you can feel comfortable your paper has been submitted properly. -Use a maximum of ONE quote per paper assignment. -You should use a bare minimum of two sources in a paper for this course. Dig deeper though–you should be using more sources to learn more about your topic and differing interpretations for events. -Your sources should be .edu and .gov sources—as well as books and journal articles about your topic. Avoid the use of .com sites (which can be created by anyone) and Wikipedia (which can be edited by anyone). These sites should be avoided in an academic course. -Please find below a guide for finding sources for compiling biographical writing assignments: AND a guide for accessing online history databases (including history of politics) using the MDC library… UPDATE Write a biographical paper developing the impact and influence of one of the individuals listed upon American culture and society: Mary Harris Jones (Mother Jones) Alice Paul Sitting Bull John Muir George Eastman Ida Wells Henry Bergh Thomas Nast

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