Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Clinical Condition

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Clinical Condition

Clinical Condition Discussion Assignment

Post on the clinical condition that you selected earlier in the semester (remember, you cannot present on the same condition as a classmate). 

Post your assignment directly on this discussion board (not as an attachment). Do not copy exactly from sources or do not plagiarize but paraphrase.

This assignment entails finding a specific clinical condition related to one of the topics covered in this course. Post in the discussion board the name of the condition you have chosen as soon as possible (no one can choose the same clinical condition).You have to post before the Due Date. You need to place the assignment directly on the board, not as an attachment. The assignment must include the following: the definition, diagnosis and symptoms, possible causes or risk factors, possible treatments of the clinical condition, and at least four references, APA citation must be used for bibliography,  your post should have at least five well-structured paragraphs. 

Do not copy exactly from sources, but paraphrase and follow the order of topics to cover as requested above. All work will be checked for Plagiarism, especially from online sources. Make it as complete as possible if you want 100% in this assignment (at least five paragraphs). Again, post in the discussion board the clinical condition you choose as soon as possible so that no other person selects the same condition. It should not be two people on the same topic. If two people choose the same topic, I will only count the topic for the first person who selects that topic post it, and the second person will have to select a different topic. Make comments on at least two of your classmate’s postings

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