What are the major claims made by the author

Triple Notes

Triple Notes, which is just a fanciful name for a particular note-taking system. As you engage with the readings in the course, you will periodically be asked to write notes on your reading.

The purpose of this exercise is to:

1) improve reading comprehension, and 2) identify areas of the reading that you may have questions on.
Instructions: Triple notes ask you to answer the following three questions: 1) what are the major claims made by the author;
2) how does the author support these claims (i.e. what reasons does the author give for these claims, identifying key quotes to support your understanding of the author); and
3) what is your response to the author’s argument? (For instance, do you agree/disagree and why? How would you apply the author’s claims to other cases including your own life? Was there anything the author claimed that was puzzling/confusing?)

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What are the major claims made by the author


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