A Love Story” by Filmmaker Michael Moore?

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After reading chapter Ten and viewing the above films, discuss the following questions:

What do you think is the basic premise of the movie, “Capitalism: A Love Story” by Filmmaker Michael Moore?
On the whole, Americans strongly believe in the system of capitalism, why do you believe that is the case?
In the film, “Capitalism: A Love Story,” Michael Moore insinuates that despite our love affair with Capitalism, the system works at the expense of the average American while it benefits the rich. Do you agree or disagree with Moore’s assertions? Explain your answer.
In Chapter Ten of your text, the author discusses the Problems of the Concentration of Power and the many problems it creates for society, which include: a reduction in economic competition, the dominance of corporate profit-making goals over societal goals, threats to democratic institutions, the dwindling of unions, worker dislocation and unemployment, abuse of government authority.

How do the documentary films: “Capitalism: A Love Story,” and “The Koch Brothers Exposed,” exemplify these problems? Be sure to discuss each film in relation to the questions. Think real critically.

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A Love Story” by Filmmaker Michael Moore


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