Does this publication have any apparent political bias?

Analytical Comparison Essay

Questions to Consider when Analyzing Articles

Please consider the following questions as you analyze and evaluate your articles:

1. When was the article published? How current is the information that it contains?
2. What are the author’s credentials? Does the author seem to be a valid authority on the topic?
3. What kind of publication did the article originally appear in? Does this publication have any apparent political bias?
4. Does the author refer to the works of other scholars or researchers? Has your author cited sources clearly, and do the sources seem to be credible? Do they add to the credibility of your author’s perspective?
5. What is the purpose of your article? Does it seek to inform audiences about a topic? Is it attempting to persuade the audience that an issue is important or that a problem needs to be solved? Does the author of the article advocate for a particular policy or course of action?
6. If your article is informative, what conclusions does its author draw about the issue under discussion? Are these conclusions reasonable?
7. If your article is persuasive what is the author’s main claim? What arguments and evidence does the author use to support that claim? Do you find the arguments and evidence convincing?
8. Based on the considerations above, which of the two articles you have analyzed seems to be the best source for future research on this topic?

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Does this publication have any apparent political bias


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