Artisans to Factory

Artisans to Factory

What is an artisan?

While American businesses may have been ready to industrialize in the early 19th century, American workers most definitely were not. Prior to industrialization, artisans were a dominant element of the American workforce, and (as you will see) they were not exactly seen as ideal factory workers. Read pages 129-139 of the reading below and write responses to the following questions.

1) What is an artisan? Describe the typical workday of an artisan. Why do you think artisans had such leisurely workdays?
2) Describe the efforts, described on pages 133-9, to impose a new “industrial morality” on factory workers? Why do you think that was necessary?
3) Describe the factory regulations at the Springfield Armoury and at Lowell. How reasonable do you think they are?
4) Why would factory owners not want to hire artisans, and if you were an artisan that made a product that was in direct competition with a newly opened factory what options might you consider?

In your responses please include short quotes from the documents to support your arguments. Also be sure to contextualise these documents with what you know about how and why America industrialised

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