Antitrust DB

Antitrust DB

Research a recently resolved (within the past 5 years) antitrust action by a nation-state or unified legal framework (such as the USA or European Union). Using at least 1 source, write a 1 paragraph summary of the key facts. Illustrate the key points as applied to antitrust law in the jurisdiction in which it was adjudicated.

Find at least 1 additional outside resource for the example you chose. Use it to support your findings in 1 additional paragraph to address the following questions:

  • Do you believe that the court(s) or administrative law panel(s) reached a reasonable resolution of the dispute?
  • Were the interests of the alleged violator suitably protected?
  • Were the interests of society served by the outcome?

Be certain to cite your sources using APA style and that your references include online link(s) to the sources used for your research unless you used paper-based sources.

1) Write the assignment as described above. POST it as an initial discussion of this topic. The posting is due by the date specified in the syllabus. Note that you must post before you will be able to read and respond to other threads.

2) Then read each of your group member’s postings.

3) Respond to at least 1 of your classmates’ postings, noting the areas where you agree or disagree. The RESPONSE is due by the date specified in the syllabus.

Assessment: Your postings will be graded on clarity of writing style and timeliness of submissions, and the grading rubric.

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