Answering Reflective Questions on COVID

Answering Reflective Questions on COVID

Pages 3-4 Narrative.  

Follow the Essay Rubric and APA Guidelines and include an introduction/abstract

Make sure to use Micro Soft Word Format 12 font and black ink

The COVID-19 essay is a reflective assignment that requires that you take time and reflect on how you feel COVID-19 has and is impacting life in America, and more specifically, the lives of you and those around you in such areas as family life, work, personal relationships, education at CCRI, etc.   In addition to identifying the impact of COVID, identify your observations of how you and those around you are creating ways (strategies, new behaviors and practices, etc.) to accommodate to COVID.  What Character traits have you and those you know developed as a result of managing life with COVID.  Are there suggestions you feel needs to be done to better address the impact of COVID.  Lastly, describe what you have learned from this experience.  What can you take from this experience to make you a better person and/or a more effective Human Services Worker?  

Book: A Road to Character, Chapters Introduction, Chapter 1 and 10 may be helpful for writing your essay.  Also, review Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Model to address #3.

ESSAY:  Share your observations of the following:

1.  The impact of COVID on everyday American life.  How has COVID impacted life in such areas as family life, work, education, mental health and health in general.  If you work in the field of Human Services, you may want to describe your observations on the impact of COVID on the population you serve.  

2.   Accommodations and strategies that have and are being created to deal with COVID at home, in the community, at one’s job, etc.  Refer to the text (Introduction and Chapter 1) to address “Do we need more Adam 1 or Adam 2 citizens?   What about the impact of  “Culture of Big Me” versus the Culture of Humility on dealing with COVID?”  

3.  What is not being done that needs to be done to better deal with COVID.  What needs to done at the level of the microsystem, exosystem and macrosystem to more effectively manage COVID.

4.   What have you learned from your experience with COVID?   What character traits have you used and adapted from managing COVID?  Has COVID made you a better Human Service Worker?  How would you apply Brooks’ statement ideas on how the U-Curve along with experiences of caring and love help shape one’s character to the COVID experience?  

These links may be helpful in writing your essay.
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