Analyzing a character in a short story

 analyzing a character in a short story

MLA and give examples from the text i also have to describe the characters wants and needs, how the character seems at the beginning and then at the end of the story, if they are the antagonist or protagonist of the story and their tragic flaw the Short story is called ″The Necklace″ by Guy De Maupassant the character is Mathilde Loisel

1.Introduce the character and the author of the specific short story. Tell us about where and during what time they live. How is this relevant to their life.( think about putting the character in their historical background). Introduce the author of the story as a short intro. Please, describe the character, do not retell the story. 2. Give examples from the text about their character, to support your writing with evidence. 3. Pay attention what the author tells us about this specific character and what other characters in the short story tell us about this character. 4. What are the characters needs ,wants and how he or she goes about getting what he or she wants? 5. How does the character seem at the beginning and how does she/he look at the end? 6. Are the character the protagonist or antagonist of the story. Can they be both? Describe how is it possible? 7. Does the character have a tragic flaw in the story, if any and how does it add to their demise at the end? Consider that we all know what happens in the story, describe the character as if you are looking at them as an expert. We all know what happens in the story. Your job is to bring evidence and point the reader in the right direction of understanding the character.

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