Analytical Comment 2

Analytical Comment 2

This week you will have to write another pictographic source. Before examining the primary sources, read Guaman Poma. 

ActionsYou only need to read pages xvii –xxi. Then, proceed to access ‘Guaman Poma’s Drawings (Links to an external site.).’ Once you access it, look for the Table of Drawing on the left side. Scroll down to find entry ‘21.The Chapter of colonial Indian administration.’ Spend some time looking at the drawings and analyze how each of them illustrates the description it has. Then answer the next question:Roland Hamilton’s introduction to Guaman Poma’s The First New Chronicle and Good Government’ offers the background of this native, who became very familiar with the colonial administration, specifically in Indian matters, while assisting Spanish officers in various inspections around the new Peruvian viceroyalty. Hamilton also indicates that it was after losing a legal process about land, Guaman Poma dedicated to collect information for his account. How reliable are his drawings about colonial administration in the Andes? Did the experience he obtained collaborating with colonial representatives entitle him with the knowledge and authority to objectively describe the new political system? Did the legal defeat he suffered when losing such land affect his objectivity, or he merely accentuated the abuses of the newcomers because he was unsatisfied by the new political system?

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