What are the three processes of memory?

Discussion: Memory

1. What is Memory? What are the three processes of memory? Describe a past event in your life that other family members were present at. Do you remember that event differently than your family? If so, how? How might someone in your chosen field have issues with the processes of memory?

2. How do you get information back out once you’ve committed it to memory? What is a retrieval cue? What kinds of retrieval cues have you created for yourself? What kinds of cues could you use to help someone in your chosen field. Be specific and provide examples.

3. Have you found that you can remember some things better than others? How about remembering irrelevant things when you really want to remember something else? Why do we forget things? Identify some common reasons why people forget things. Why is forgetting the greatest just after learning something?

4. Define amnesia and discuss its causes. Why do you think amnesia (no matter what type it is) seems to affect mainly episodic memories? Define Alzheimer’s disease and discuss its possible causes and treatments? Which type of amnesia is Alzheimer’s linked to?

(My chosen field is Computer science.))

Video about Memory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4c-DO4M8OU

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What are the three processes of memory


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