Analysis of “All Over but the Shoutin’” by Rick Bragg

Analysis of “All Over but the Shoutin’” by Rick Bragg

Analysis of “All Over but the Shoutin’” by Rick Bragg. What role do books play in Bragg’s life and in his relationships with family members?

Topic: Revise what you wrote for Prewriting 3, focusing on one of the angles below in your analysis of Rick
Bragg’s memoir “All Over but the Shoutin’” (220). You may add and delete details as appropriate to support one of
the angle options below. Choose one of these angles:
___What role do books play in Bragg’s life and in his relationships with family members?
___What caused Bragg’s feelings towards his father to change?
___What aspects of his father did Bragg dislike?
Submission Requirements
□ Your paper must be at least 700 words (suggested max of 1000 words). A paper less than 700 words will
receive a grade of zero.
Content Requirements and Tips
I will use a rubric that evaluates the six areas below, ranking each one as either Excellent, Competent, Marginal, or
Below Expectations. A paper that is below expectations in one or more areas will not earn a passing grade. Each
area is introduced with a general summary and is followed by important tips and requirements.
1) Purpose and Topic
Your paper’s focus is on topic and is limited significantly to one main issue. The approach insightfully develops a
perspective or position on the issue that demonstrates an awareness of audience and the assignment’s purpose.
□ Identify the name of the memoir and the author.
□ Remember that a general summary of the memoir is not needed since I am very familiar with it.
□ Clearly identify the angle above that you have chosen to focus on.
□ End intro with your thesis, which should answer the angle/question you chose above and use the
keynote technique to define the specific point you want to prove about the memoir.
2) Support
Your paper has sufficient and relevant supporting details that illustrates the essay’s main point. Support is well
developed and explores sophisticated aspects of the main point. Use of additional sources is prohibited.
□ Provide supporting details from Bragg’s essay in each body paragraph; do NOT give a general summary.
□ Only include a quote or detail if it is relevant to what you want to prove in that paragraph.
□ Include at least 5 quotations total in your paper, but no more than 6.
□ Important: Your paper should not exceed 30% quoting (as calculated by
□ Check with the original essay to make sure you are quoting Bragg accurately.
□ Analyze the significance of each detail and quotation you include, relating each to your thesis.
□ You can discuss your personal reaction to the essay or personal experiences, if relevant to your main point.
□ You may discuss aspects that relate to the opposite of your thesis. For example, you may discuss aspects that
Bragg liked about his father in order to demonstrate how significant his dislike was in contrast.
3) Organization
Your paper’s organization is logical and coherent, making insightful connections among ideas.
□ Divide your main idea/keynote into 2-4 branches with at least 1 paragraph per branch.
□ Begin each branch/body paragraph with a strong topic sentence that includes your keynote.
□ Do not quote in topic sentences.
□ Each branch should discuss an aspect the other branches do not.
□ Within each paragraph, alternate between description of 1 or 2 details from the memoir and analysis
of those 1-2 details.

□ Include an introduction and a conclusion (with 2-4 body paragraphs in between).
□ Incorporate transitions words, phrases, or sentences between different branches, between different examples,
and between contrasting elements.
4) Language and Style
Your paper exhibits skillful use of language, appropriate vocabulary, and variety in sentence structure.
□ Pay particular attention to integrating quotations smoothly and grammatically.
□ Use present tense to when quoting Bragg: “The author shows…,” “Bragg writes…,” “H explains….”
□ Use concrete, specific words whenever possible, and avoid wordy sentences and “fancy language.”
□ Hunt for mistakes where you accidentally cut out too many words or added too many words during editing.
□ The best papers will display variety in vocabulary and sentence structure, but will also use repetition
to emphasize the main concepts.
5) Grammar
Your paper has few major errors and a limited number of minor errors.
□ Plan to edit and proofread your paper several times.
□ Devote extra time to proofreading for the kinds of errors you made on MAP #2.
□ Proofread a printed copy that is double-spaced, which is proven to be more effective.
□ I may not mark any grammar errors on your prewriting.
6) MLA Paper Format
Your paper follows MLA guidelines for margins, font type, line and paragraph spacing, paragraph indenting, page
numbering, heading, and title.
□ Save your essay as a .docx or .pdf to preserve the formatting.
□ Review the format errors I marked on MAP #2.

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