Ad assignment

Ad assignment

This is a 3-part assignment: 

Part 1 – Find an ad for a food that you think is very effective (it doesn’t have to be a healthy food – most ads for foods are not for healthy foods.) This could be from a magazine, or take a picture of an ad you see on the subway or on a billboard, etc. 

Part 2 – Write a short paper (1-2 pages) as to why you think this is an effective ad. What is it that caught your eye? What made it convincing? If it made you want to eat the food, how did it do that? 

 Part 3 – Then take some of the convincing things you saw and create an ad on paper for a healthy food that you have never seen advertised – like a fruit or vegetable or for tap water. Include an image of the food/beverage. Cut and paste, either from the computer or actually from a photograph you have, or you can draw it, if you have artistic abilities. And make up some text to convince someone to eat that healthy food. Or, if you prefer, you could make up a jingle (a song) that might be sung on the radio to advertise this food that you never see or hear advertised. But if you do the song, then be prepared to sing it to the class. 

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