Abraham Lincoln’s second Inaugural Address, 1865

Abraham Lincoln’s second Inaugural Address, 1865

o The first paragraph should provide context about the document. Identify the
author of the document, the audience, and the central issue/main point being
addressed. This paragraph should be no more than 3 or 4 sentences in length.
o The second and third paragraphs should answer ONE of the following:
 How does this source deepen your understanding of what freedom or
unfreedom meant during the time period it was written?
 How does this document reflect the author’s social, economic, or political
position, experience, culture/ethnicity, sex/gender, etc.?
 What does source reveal about the time period it was written? What are
the major issues of that moment and why?

o You last paragraph should feature one or two concluding sentences that sum up
your argument and explain what the document reveals about that moment in
history. What can historians learn by examining this document?

  • Things to avoid: line-by-line summaries (Then he says… after that he says…); quoting
    large sections of the document; plagiarism (automatic F)

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