Abnormal Psychology Meaning

Abnormal Psychology Meaning

Abnormal Psychology is a fascinating carve out within the world of psychology which focuses on psychopathology and abnormal behaviors. For this discussion prompt, you will be asked to research the concept and meaning behind Abnormal Psychology. Explore cultural differences and how abnormal behaviors in one culture (or sub-culture) may be considered normal behavior within another.

Your discussion post should be at least 150 words discussing the concepts of Abnormal Psychology. Questions you may want to explore within your research may include: What constitutes normal behaviors? What determines abnormal behaviors? How is abnormal mental health different from normal mental health? At what point do thoughts and/or behaviors change from normal to abnormal?

BOOK: Barlow, D., Durand, V.M., Hofmann, S. (2018). Essentials of Abnormal Psychology (8th ed.). Cengage Learning.

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