Abnormal Psychology- Dissociative Identity Disorder

Abnormal Psychology- Dissociative Identity Disorder

Guidelines are as follows:

 Double-spaced research paper on Dissociative Identity Disorder. You can structure your paper by introducing DID, 

causes, symptoms, and treatment using your research from your 3 or more academic sources, then briefly summarize how it is portrayed in the show, and critique how accurate and/or inaccurate the portrayal is.

Depending on your topic, you can select a movie or TV show that portrays the topic you have selected. Please include some background about your topic, summarize/critique how it is portrayed in the movie or show, including how accurate/inaccurate the portrayal is. TV Show will be on Netflix called Ratched. Specifically focus on the character Charlotte Wells from Netflix show, Ratched.

Use at least 3 academic sources (one can be textbook). Textbook will be provided on files. Academic sources can be found on search engines such as Google Scholar or JSTOR.  WebMD, Wikipedia, or general websites do not count as academic sources.

Use Microsoft Word or Google Docs. 

Please include a reference page at the end of your paper citing your 3 (or more sources) that you used.  The reference page is not included in the 3-4 pages for the paper.

Please focus on one of the characters Charlotte Wells, who portrays to have DIDaccess to the Netflix show “Ratched”

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