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Career Planning | Choose a Perfect Career Option.

As we know that everyone has to take up some profession or other to earn money and live their life happily. So, It is very important to choose their profession. The task of choosing a profession is not easy in such days of huge competition. Choosing a particular career for one’s life requires some tasks such as it requires wisdom, a certain amount of cool thinking, information, and planning. But be sure about all the things because a wrong selection may ruin the career of a young student. Without certain skills, training, dexterity, and experience one is sure to meet failure. There are some vital factors which should guide one’s consideration and the final decision as regards to the choice of a profession.

In the present industrial age, due to the development of industries, science, and technology, our needs too have increased manifolds. There is no traditional vocation as the joint family system has subsided with the passage of time. In this age of specific specialization, there is a tough competition in each and every sphere of life. Without expert knowledge and information, one cannot enter any profession. Thus, the question of appropriate selection of profession has become all the more important.

Each person possesses traits and faculties that can make one as an entrepreneur. However, it is possible and does happen, that some may remain prisoners of their family background and other social environmental factors, thus may not succeed in bringing into full bloom their latent faculties of a profession. Choice of a profession is not purely a matter of one’s like and dislikes. There are pertinent and relevant factors reaching a conclusion in this regard. It is not a matter of idealism and mere fancy but a subject that needs to be analyzed very practically and grabbing a seat in the field where the aptitude lies. It is combined of aptitude, capability, resourcefulness, and objectivity.

The various factor which should be considered in this regard are as follows:-

1. Interest in the profession: The profession should suit one’s taste and inclination.

2. Mental Capability: Mental capability of a person and his command over a particular subject are important factors. C.A., Engineering, Law, etc., are the professions which require a high standard of mental caliber.

3. Financial Resourcefulness: Some training and courses require a large period and larger amount of money and hence any neglect of this aspect may result in leaving the project midway, e.g., the completion of MD degree requires a time span of about 8 and half to 9 and half years after the selection in M.B.B.S. Course.

4. Choice of Institution: Choose a well recognized and established institution as the name of the institution remains ahead your name and degree. Avoid taking admission in Bogus Universities.

5. The selected profession should be free from bitter or fierce competition.

6. The selected profession should bring in enough money to support one’s family.

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