Awesome Facebook Tricks

Awesome Facebook Tricks You Should Know

Everyone uses Facebook but only few of them takes benefit of its secret features. These features make your Facebook experience smarter than your friends. I’ve listed here 10 Awesome Facebook Tricks for you.

Go and check each trick on your Facebook Account that really makes your Facebook activity sharp. If you have your own Facebook Tricks do shares with us in the comment section.

Post Flip Text on Your Wall

10 Awesome Facebook Tricks

It is amazing to make your text upside down. Only a copy/past can make your post upside down. Click Here and write your text and do copy paste.

Create & Manage Friends’ Lists

10 Awesome Facebook Tricks

Facebook’s great feature. In this feature you can organize and manage your friends in list who can view what’s on your profile. Go to Facebook Lists Page there you will see the default lists prepared for you. to make your own list click on “Create List”.

Schedule Facebook Posts

10 Awesome Facebook Tricks

Make your post published when you’re offline. Use Facebook’s schedule tool and set a time when you want to publish it. Click on the arrow given on right side of publish button.

Create Secrete Facebook Group

10 Awesome Facebook Tricks

Make your group secret so that only the group members can see and post in the group. It will be invisible for all other Facebook members. Go to Facebook Group Page and click “Create Group”,. then choose Secret Group in the privacy tab.

Have Some Fun With Pirates English

10 Awesome Facebook Tricks

If you have get bored with the normal language of Facebook then you can change it in pirate. To do it go to Account Setting and change the language choice.

Choose Who Can See Your Online Status

10 Awesome Facebook Tricks

Everyone’s friend list have some friend to which we don’t want to talk them. Don’t worry ! Only you have to click on the setting button given below the chat tab then you have to choose the friends name. They will not see your online status.

Turn Off/On Notification of Specific Page, Posts, Activity etc.

Awesome Facebook Tricks

This Awesome Facebook Tricks helps you to get the notifications according to your choice. To do his click here and choose your option to make turn off or on.

Edit Your Published Comment

Awesome Facebook Tricks

Facebook lets users edit their comment. Sometime people writes wrong words in a hurry. In this case you need to edit your posted comment. To do this click on the right side of your comment then choose “Edit” option.

Download Facebook Photos & Videos

If you want to take backup from your Facebook account just use Pick’n’Zip to get it. It lets you download your entire Facebook photos and videos. Login with your Facebook account and choose the album you’d like do download.

Delete Your Facebook Account

Awesome facebook tricks

If you want to leave the Facebook world and delete it permanently just Click Here. All of your data will be erased so, make sure before going to delete your account.

Hope you enjoy this tricks.

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