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Comprehensive Learning Assessment

Comprehensive Learning Assessment Identify the key aspects of operations management relating to business operations Comprehensive Learning Assessment 1: CLO 1, CLO 2, CLO 3, CLO 4Operations Management is defined as the management of systems and processes that create goods and or provide services. The 3 basic functions of business organizations are finance, operations, and marketing. … Read More

Advance Group Dynamics Discussion

Advance Group Dynamics Discussion Describe the types of groups and other considerations that affect conducting school-based groups.  After reading chapter 10 answer the questions below.Develop a strong argument and support your statements with evidence from the course reading material. Be sure to cite your references and be concise and articulate your ideas thoroughly. Be sure … Read More

Cultural Differences

Cultural Differences How would you compare/contrast the culture of the young men from Sudan (in the video) to the U.S. culture? As you watch the video, think about the concepts that you read about in chapter 4 (elements of culture, cross cultural comparisons; culture and business). Think about their culture, the American culture, the aspects … Read More

Moral Capacity and Leadership

Moral Capacity and Leadership What do you see as the role of moral capacity, courage and resiliency in leadership effectiveness? Drawing upon your personal experience and the observations outlined in this week’s readings, in 750-1500 words, what do you see as the role of moral capacity, courage and resiliency in leadership effectiveness? Do you believe … Read More


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