Challenges the criminal justice is facing in the United States.

Challenges the criminal justice is facing in the United States. Running head should be in Times New Rom and any other content in your work. Ensure that all references are indented and each reference must have a corresponding intext citation. Answer Preview

Social media

Social media Briefly answer the following questions. Your answers must be inspired from Chapter 9 of the textbookbut crafted by your own words (i.e., avoid copy/paste from the textbook, PowerPoint presentation, orany other resources on the Internet). Each question has 5 points, total of 20 points. How do you develop an effective SMIS that is … Read More

Importance of diversity in the work place

Importance of diversity in the work place Importance of diversity in the work place. Answer Preview

Analytical Comment 2

Analytical Comment 2 This week you will have to write another pictographic source. Before examining the primary sources, read Guaman Poma.  ActionsYou only need to read pages xvii –xxi. Then, proceed to access ‘Guaman Poma’s Drawings (Links to an external site.).’ Once you access it, look for the Table of Drawing on the left side. Scroll down … Read More


Metaphysics 1) Derek Parfit argues that survival can be separated from identity. Explain the importance of his view and why you agree/disagree with him.  Answer Preview APA Format, 2094 words

Hurricane Harvey-

Hurricane Harvey- 1.Purpose Answer Preview APA Format, 831 words

Personal Analysis: I Am a Pioneer

Personal Analysis: I Am a Pioneer This assignment provides an opportunity for you to use your imagination and the historical facts discussed in Module 1 and Module 2 readings. Imagine yourself as an early aviation pioneer, it can be in any aspect of aviation you chose (Examples: an engineer, pilot, business owner, mechanic, etc.). You … Read More

Project Risk and Contingency Reserves

Project Risk and Contingency Reserves define project risk and contigency reserves differentiate between schedule and cost estimation to project risk evaluate how risk management affects project outcomes determine how cost estimates impacts project risks Answer Preview APA FORMAT, 1172 WORDS

Department of Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security Answer Preview

Describe your post-MBA goals, both short and long-term

Describe your post-MBA goals, both short and long-term I have a rough draft but a couple of parts are ripped from other sources. I need to re-write. Following the successful completion of my MBA from SMU, I would be in line to become CFO of my current company, Noble Royalties. An Energy minerals and royalty … Read More

The Indian Ocean and the Atlantic trade systems.

The Indian Ocean and the Atlantic trade systems. Compare and contrast the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic trade systems. How were they similar to each other, and how did they differ? What explains the similarities and the differences? Answer Preview

Module 1 Journal Assignment: Childhood Memory Module 1

Module 1 Journal Assignment: Childhood Memory Think of a specific memory from your childhood. Briefly describe the event or experience. (1 paragraph) STEP 2: Analyze the experience using two of the developmental theories from the chapter: , psychosocial, behavioral, cognitive, humanistic, or evolutionary. Use appropriate vocabulary for each theory. Add supporting evidence from your text. Describe how … Read More

Impacts of Marketing on business performance strategy.

Impacts of Marketing on business performance strategy. Answer Preview

Examining Young Voters’ Political Information

Examining Young Voters’ Political Information Assignment: Choose one of the “applied readings” for this week. After reading it, write areport (not an essay!) in which you address each question below in order. Please note thatyou should answer each question directly, taking your time to do so fully and carefully.This is not an essay assignment. Your … Read More


Drone  Applications of these Drone technology in organizations (provide real case implementations in orgnization) you can use those topics or/with othoers from your side:: Warehouse operation: Drone Applications in Military: Uses of Drone in Media Answer Preview


Tania Answer questions as if Tania was working in a medical office what steps would she take : As Tania reviews the checks for deposit she realizes that one of the checks collected for patient co payment is post dated two days in advance. the office has a clear policy regarding not accepting postdated checks. The … Read More

Real Estate

Real Estate In a five- to seven-page paper (not including the title and reference pages), analyze the financial and cost considerations to be included in the development of your Final Paper–a strategic real estate business plan–by considering, in detail, all revenues and costs involved in the startup and ongoing operations of a real estate-based business. … Read More

Hunger and Poverty in America regionally Upstate New York

Hunger and Poverty in America regionally Upstate New York I need at least 10 pages on the topic of Hunger and Poverty in America regionally Upstate New York, I have about 6 pages written already and most of the annotated bibliography done. I need it done by the end of today if possible. ASA or … Read More

Forensic Photography

Forensic Photography You are a crime investigator who has been called upon to investigate a case. You evaluate the case by formulating a hypothesis and later testing it. View a photograph taken at a crime scene: See Attached On the basis of your understanding of the scenario, discuss the following: Keeping in mind your experience … Read More

Beyoncé Formation

Beyoncé Formation  Please read the background readings, for important information about topics that Beyoncé seems to be referrring to in this video: Formation background readings.docx  Some images in the video seem to refer to the setting in New Orleans (where the video was filmed), especially during Hurricane Katrina; to the Black Lives Matter movement; to the … Read More

Learning/Communication Theory Order 

Learning/Communication Theory Order  Writer may choose either option #1 or #2 Option #1 In retrospect, the reaction of the public to a 2017 Dove soap advertisement and Unilever’s apology as told in Humphries-Kil’s (2019) case are both expected and shocking. First, provide a detailed overview of the case. Then, using a learning theory lens, dissect … Read More

First Civilizations

First Civilizations After your reading and research, you should have a basic picture inyour mind of what it might have been like to live in those ancientcultures. To help clarify that picture, for this discussion, you have twooptions: to role play and imagine what caused your people to settle andcreate one of the first civilizations … Read More

WOW! Lesson

WOW! Lesson As you read and watch the stories thatmake up our history, look for things that make you say to yourself “Ididn’t know that” or “WOW! That’s cool!”. You will convert this fun factor pertinent point into a The WOW discussion is an opportunity to share with the classsomething that surprised you in your … Read More

Social Injustice

Social Injustice Please summit your essay by Discussing a time Of social injustice that has impacted You or someone you know in the African-American community And your commitment to bringing change to support racial equality Answer Preview

Ted Talk

Ted Talk View the Happiness Advantage Ted Talk (12:13 Mins) blob: Read PP 1- 36 of the The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work, Shawn Achor pick three of the extracts below from the reading and Ted Talk and post one paragraph for each extract. In … Read More


LAW Define what law is as it relates to how police get there power and authority. In your argument Identify what the limitations of police authority. You may use and actual case that demonstrates law enforcement overstepping and violating the rights of citizens. Minimum two to three pages in APA format. Answer Preview APA Format, … Read More

 When Social Issues Become Strategic

 When Social Issues Become Strategic For this assignment, you will read a case entitled Goedehoop: When Social Issues Become Strategic. Then you will answer the following questions about the company’s responsibility regarding a social issue: Your answer to each question should be about one paragraph long (3-4 sentences). Answer Preview APA Format, 576 words

Discussion Post

Discussion Post IT IS NOT AN ESSAY, JUST A DISCUSSION POST. DOES NOT NEED TO BE IN AN ESSAY FORMAT You will be entering in a conversation with the rest of the class about what you thought of the Article, what you found interesting, did you agree or disagree with the Article’s points, etc. THE WORD … Read More

Texas Government

Texas Government You should use New Courier or Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spacing, and one inch margins on all four sides of the paper.  The assignment is to be formatted according to the Modern Language Association (MLA) style which includes a works cited page but does NOT include a title page. Students should … Read More


Discussion Review the financial projections template and template guide you on Which parts were useful to join in developing your financial projections? Why do you think the financial projections are usually completed at the end of the business plan? To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document. Answer Preview APA Format, 324 words


Psychology Alex is having his first session with a counselor and is recounting his life history: I’ve just turned 20. I finished high school about two years ago, and I have been lost since then. I was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder when I was five, and it has been a struggle since then. … Read More


healthcare A time of social injustice that has impacted you or someone you know in the African American community, and your commitment to bringing change to support racial equality Answer Preview APA Format, 298 words

 journal 4th&5th

 journal 4th&5th Journal: Fourth and Fifth Amendment Rights Assume that you are in your chosen criminal justice profession, such as law enforcement officer, probation officer, or criminal investigator. Examine the Fourth and Fifth Amendments and discuss the steps you would take to ensure that actions do not violate a citizen’s Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights. … Read More

Case study for my nuitrition class

Case study for my nuitrition class a short Personal Diet Analysis Essay (minimum 800 words using objective 3rd person, not 1st person/I), based on the data you entered into Healthwatch360 (My Plan, Food Group and Calories Report) and the assigned resources (Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 (opens in a new window), course text, etc), that … Read More

Quantitative Methods and Research

Quantitative Methods and Research Please describe the concept and provide an example of the Economic Order Quantity PlannedShortage Model. Answer Preview APA Format, 304 words

Better Together

Better Together Last week we discussed our personal career futures. This week we’ll focus on the broader societal landscape and what value diversity and inclusion play in the future of work. Diversity in the workplace does not just refer to race, sex, religion, class, and age. A commitment to a diverse working environment also acknowledges the … Read More

Better Together GECC

Better Together GECC create an initial post that responds to each of the prompts below:   Answer Preview 

Discussion about diversity and Inclusion some personal feeling.

Discussion about diversity and Inclusion some personal feeling. Please voice opinions about diversity and Inclusion on this paper. Thank you A weekly discussion about diversity and inclusion. Personal events about diversity and inclusion from my current employer. I’m an African American male and also a person with a disability. The vice president of field operation … Read More

 Appeal Letter

 Appeal Letter Please proofread and create paragraphs. This is to appeal my termination from school due to my final exam perfmance. Answer Preview APA Format, 569 words

Business Memo

Business Memo Instructions Please create this memo as detailed as possible answering all of the questions on the rubric. The instructor is very strict. Answer Preview APA Format, 361 words

Going Viral

Going Viral 1.Read the Sociological reading, Chapter 2 of Going Viral. This file is located in the uploaded files section. 2. Write a 50 to 100 word summary 3. Write a 50 to 100 word reflection 4. Don’t write one long summary or reflection. 5. Include an APA reference page Answer Preview APA Format, 299 … Read More

Strategic planning and implementation

Strategic planning and implementation How would you describe the organization of your company’s top management team?  Is some decision making decentralized and delegated to individual managers?  If so, explain how decentralization works. Or are decisions made by consensus, with all co-managers having input?  What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of the decision-making … Read More

Position Statement

Position Statement => MOSTLY use theory from lecture slides(reference should be through google scolar / any academic site, NOT referencing lecture slides) ✅✅ Below is the studoc login where u may find useful sample of the assessment—————-how to get work done easier => find sample paper (Only consult it , do not copy. it is … Read More

Client Study

Psychology Part of the assessment of this module requires you to write a client study of 3000 words. This gives you the opportunity of demonstrating practical competence, understanding of relevant theory in relation to the client and the work, understanding of relevant theory in relation to the client and the work, awareness of therapeutic process … Read More

Past Event/Disaster

Past Event/Disaster The Emergency Management discipline with respect to roles and responsibilities of Emergency Management professionals, you will need to research and understand the lessons learned from previous disasters or extreme events. To complete this task, please provide a response by respecting the following format: 1. Choose a past event/disaster (recent or not) and describe … Read More


nursing  Review practice agreements for psychiatric nurse practitioner in Florida state. Identify whether Florida state requires physician collaboration or supervision fornurse practitioners, and if so, what those requirements are. Research the following:o How do you get certified and licensed as an Advanced PracticeRegistered Nurse (APRN) in Florida?o What is the application process for certification … Read More

 Contemporary and Emerging Threats

 Contemporary and Emerging Threats Using the course materials, course articles, library, and Web resources, determine the direction in which you will take while writing your memo and then conduct your research accordingly. In 3-4 pages, address the following 6 topics and the threats they pose to the United States: International terrorist attacks Domestic terrorist attacks … Read More

 reading discussion

 reading discussion This is an English 1 course. The textbook needed for this assignment is: Updated edition, New York times bestseller KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL, adventures in the culinary underbelly, BY ANTHONY BOURDAIN Read the section entitled First Course (9-55). In this section of CC Bourdain begins us on his journey in enetring the food industry. He … Read More


NURS 350 WEEK 3 DISCUSSION PAPER This is s a discussion paper of 2 paragraphs, with at least 2 references , NO NEED FOR A COVER PAGE, just the body and the references, DO NOT NUMBER THE PAGES NURS 350 reading book could be a source of help. NO MAGAZINE, NO COMMENTARY OR ENCYCLOPEDIA REFERENCES … Read More

Discussion 2- Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential

Discussion 2- Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential Let’s stay focused on AB here and ask how he reveals, like you are asked to in the assignment, others affecting him. In short, you are the teacher here evaluating the work of a prized student. Point is that if you can see how a pro like AB does … Read More

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